Loads of young, aspiring guitar players use to cover their bedroom walls with photographs and posters of their favorite musicians. I know this first hand because when I was younger, I was like that. As society has moved into a more digital world, today's guitar heroes are not worshiped like their predecessors from the past––the game has changed. Just search YouTube and you’ll see an endless crop of exceptional guitar players from all over the world looking to be discovered.

This exhibition at Panopticon Gallery is meant to inspire those musicians who strive for greatness. We are mixing photographs of the famous, with the not so famous––from the stage to the street. So come join us and be inspired as we showcase these guitar-themed photographs by Ron Pownall, Rowland Scherman, Roger Farrington, Jeff Thiebauth, Daniel Tedeschi, Harold Feinstein, Ernest C. Withers, Leslii Stevens, Paris Visone, Gary Samson, Steven McBride, Marc Lacatell and others to be announced soon.

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