Bibliophile Reviewed in Boston Book Blog

"What’s evident from the photographs is that books, which are a medium meant to be read, are not meant to be read in these cases, and in the rare moments when we glimpse text, it’s not necessarily part of the intention of the photograph. Which raises an interesting question: Is a book something more than just the text it contains?"

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What Will You Remember Reviews "Bibliophile"

"From the first crisp crack of a textbook’s spine to the faintly mildewed scent of a beloved, dog-eared novel, paper publications conjure a sensory avalanche. Panopticon Gallery induces a wave of sensations in Bibliophile, a group show with images ranging from historic photographs of Boston’s literary repositories to modern abstractions of line and form…”

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Fine Books Magazine Features Bibliophile

“Included among the contemporary images of books are Thomas Marr’s historic photographs of Boston’s buildings that house them. In his photographs of the Boston Athenæum at the turn of the last century, Marr shows us the stacks and reading rooms of one of the country’s oldest private libraries. ”

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Amy Friend in Lensculture

“Manipulating candid images with slices of blinding light, photographer Amy Friend explores the possibilities of parallel universes revealed through photography.”

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What Will You Remember? Reviews "Flight of Fancy"

"If you have a chance to alight at Panopticon Gallery in Boston’s Kenmore Square this summer, you’ll find a sweet treat of a summer show in Flight of Fancy. Distinctly different work by photographers Kerry Mansfield, Claire Rosen, and Stephen Sheffield share a colorful spirit of flight, whether it be physical or metaphorical."

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Gallery News: Owner Paul Snyed in Boston Voyager

Gallery Owner Paul Sneyd spoke with Boston Voyager Magazine about his 35 years as a Master Printer, Panopticon Imaging's printing, framing, and restoration expertise, and the connection with Panopticon Gallery.

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Flight of Fancy in Wall Street International Magazine!

"Panopticon Gallery celebrates the spirit of summer with color and whimsy in Flight of Fancy. Fanciful notions and imaginative ideas are on display in this group show featuring works by Claire Rosen, Stephen Sheffield, and Kerry Mansfield."

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Artscope Magazine Reviews Flight of Fancy

"'Flight of Fancy,' the newest exhibition at Kenmore Square’s Panopticon Gallery, is an ode to the spirit of summer. A group show featuring the works of Claire Rosen, Stephen Sheffield and Kerry Mansfield, each of the artists’ work use color and whimsical imagery to perfectly portray and encapsulate the meaning of the season and in one way or another represent the title of the show."

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The Arts Fuse features Flight of Fancy

"Celebrating summer in a fanciful way, the Panopticon presents yet another stunning exhibition — a stylish and colorful showing of the work of three masterful artists, each of which brings his or her unique approach to photography…”

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