The Arts Fuse features Flight of Fancy

"Celebrating summer in a fanciful way, the Panopticon presents yet another stunning exhibition — a stylish and colorful showing of the work of three masterful artists, each of which brings his or her unique approach to photography…”

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"Speciation" in Aeqai

Art review journal AEQAI reviews Speciation: Still A Camera along with Lidzie Alvisa and Donis Llago's exhibition Transparency at AREA.

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"Speciation" Goes International

Panopticon Gallery's current exhibition Speciation: Still A Camera, a solo exhibition by gallery artist Kent Krugh, has gained international recognition since opening on May 3. Publications in five countries have featured the exhibition.

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"Speciation: Still A Camera" in PetaPixel

"Fossils can tell us a lot about the history of living things. Photographer Kent Krugh is creating a 'fossil record' of sorts for cameras. His project Speciation is a series of X-ray photos of cameras that provides a brief history of photography, as told through the evolution of the camera."

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Stephen Sheffield in Boston Voyager

"I have to say that one of the most challenging aspects of art-making is the need to be making art consistently, while at the same time challenging yourself to take creative risks. 'Regular' versus 'creative risk' is an interesting idea for artists to wrap their minds around."

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"Found Baseballs" on View for the 2018 Baseball Season

Panopticon Gallery is pleased to have works from Don Hamerman's series Found Baseballs on view for the 2018 baseball season. The gallery is located near Fenway Park inside Hotel Commonwealth, the official hotel of the Boston Red Sox. Baseball lovers will find contemporary and vintage photographs that reflect the love of the game. After years of finding and collecting old baseballs, Hamerman began photographing them in his studio starting in 2005. The images are not manipulated in any way, and they show how differently baseballs can end up after countless whacks of the bat. This series has been featured in TIME, Peta PixelNPRDaily MailThe TelegraphBusiness Insider

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Gallery News: Gallery Director Kat Kiernan in Photograph Magazine.

"Boston’s Panopticon Gallery might have an unusual, and unusually small, footprint – it’s little more than a hallway that connects the lobby of the stately Hotel Commonwealth to the hotel’s award-winning restaurant, Eastern Standard. Within that lush carpeted expanse, however, you’ll find all the wall space you could want: four deep-set, well-lit bays housing an average of 30 works per show. (In the Garden, on view March 1 through April 30, includes work by eight contemporary photographers.) Kat Kiernan, Panopticon’s director since 2017, finds potential in that narrow footprint. 'Hundreds of people come through every day. And when I’m not here there are bellhops, valets – a whole staff who are like my eyes and ears and love to talk about the work. A first-floor gallery space in Chelsea may seem accessible, but in reality there’s that mental lock on opening the door. Here, no one is talking in hushed tones. If you only want to reach people who already consider themselves collectors in this business, you’re going to be pretty lonely.'”

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Unveiling New Film Drop Off Services

Panopticon Imaging now offers color film processing! Twice a week, the "Panopti-van" rolls up to our gallery in Kenmore Square to pick up and drop off color and black-and-white film.

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