Unveiling New Film Drop Off Services

Panopticon Imaging now offers color film processing! Twice a week, the "Panopti-van" rolls up to our gallery in Kenmore Square to pick up and drop off color and black-and-white film. Panopticon Imaging offers custom machine and hand line film processing of all formats of C-41 and black-and-white film from 35mm rolls to 8x10 sheet film. Developing, scanning, and printing packages are also available. While visiting the current exhibition, pick up an order form and drop your film in the mailbox behind the desk.

Learn more about Panopticon Imaging's film services here.

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The Panopti-van comes into Kenmore Square every Monday and Thursday morning at 10am to pick up film.


Fill out an order form from the gallery desk day or night any day of the week.

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Student pricing is available!


Drop your film and order form in the mailbox behind the gallery desk. (Look at that beautiful cyanotype by Andrew Seguin!)


Pick up your negatives.